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Unparalled expertise in Solar

Over the past 7 years we have built excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to bring the best prices to our customers.

              Our company was established in 2012 with one simple goal in mind, to make solar affordable and easy to get for all Australian households. We are proudly Australian owned and operated We’ve pried ourselves of keeping a high level of quality in our installation and our post-installation helps if any is needed.
All Star Solar only accept electricians who have installed solar for a minimum of 2 years, so you can rest assured no electrician straight out of Tafe will be using your house as his practical assignment.

             Also, all our products come with a local manufacturer warranty, unfortunately, there are many panels in the market that come with “warranty” and the nearest office is in Shenzen China. This means if a warranty claim needs to be made, the chances are next to zero of actually getting the panels or inverter replaced. As most, if not all of those manufacturers have phone numbers that are disconnected or emails that no one replies to, you can be assured that all the brands that we install including panels, inverters down to wrecking kits and rails all have local offices in Australia and we will promptly assist you on the off chance that you have a faulty inverter or a panel in the warranties’ lifetime.

Going Solar is Easy!

Why people go solar

Start a better living with solar, energy that protects your family from rising electricity prices, earns you money through selling electricity back to the grid, and reduces your carbon emissions.
Environment Friendly

              If you are one of the growing number of people in Sydney concerned with planetary health, Solar Energy is the way to go! Solar Energy is a clean source of energy. The pollution it creates is exponentially lesser than the conventional energy sources. It doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and other harmful emissions which hurt Mother Nature.

Solar Energy is cost-efficient

                   Going Solar is probably one of the best investment you’ll ever make. The long term benefit far outweighs the initial cost of installation. Not only will you save on your entire household’s energy utility cost, but this entire venture will also increase your customer appeal when you come to sell.

Freedom from Utility Energy Companies

                As long as the sun’s solar ray passes through our planet’s atmosphere, you need not be concerned with utility providers. Energy cost gradually increase over time and you will not be affected — at all. Blackouts and power interruption will no longer be a bother since you rely on a renewable energy source, solar power energy.

Solar Panels are safe and easy to install

Partnering with Sydney’s solar energy experts, this will be the last thing you’d need to worry.

Solar Energy is the Future

         Investing on a solar energy system not only puts you in the front row of the renewable energy race, it is also the coolest way of harnessing the Sun’s solar power. Moreover, you are tapping into a huge number of advantages that will echo throughout the years to come.

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